The Poznań Archaeological Museum presents a programme addressed to pupils from pre-elementary schools and older, intended to popularise archaeology as a science and spread their knowledge about the prehistory of Wielkopolska, the Polish territories and ancient civilisations. A museum-based education will be a valuable addition to classes conducted in schools as well as an opportunity to discover a new discipline. The classes, which combine popular appeal with academic rigorousness, are organised to suit the age of the audience and base on various practical demonstrations, participation in experiments, working with artefacts and multimedia.

Participation in  classes: registration required. The schedule has to be arranged in advance at telephone number 618528251. In case of cancellation of the class by the Museum, the school will be informed in advance. 

Classes in English: 200 PLN for a group of up to 30 persons.

Younger participants (especially pre-elementary children) are offered classes on the premises of their institutions. The cost is arranged individually during registration.  

„Brain throughout the nose” – the guide for a young embalmer
How did the Ancient Egyptians prepare mummies? And what for? You will find the answer to that and other questions in our lesson

Duke Mieszko – the first VIP
Time of action – XI AD. Location – Middle Europe. Meet Mieszko, the Duke of Polans and learn how one man could have organised a whole society to build a state.

The Great Explorers of Unknown Lands
Do you want to know how ancient explorers discovered new lands? Did Christopher Columbus know that he discovered America? How did people travel in ancient times without modern utilities like GPS? If you want to know their tricks and secrets, visit our museum and learn more about the exiting life of the Great Explores.

Dragon heart and wolf skin. Medieval tales of the Vikings.
We all know that Vikings were formidable warriors and brave merchants who travelled all over the world. But do we remember that they were also sensitive poets, artists and excellent craftsmen? Their daily life was filled with pagan beliefs, magic, mystery and mythical creatures. Are you ready to experience out the richnesss of Viking imagination?

How to become gorgeous? The Egyptian beauty salon.
Everybody knows that all Egyptians, even men and children, wore make up. But they kept care of their looks not only because of the fashion. They believed that these cosmetic exercises were also protecting them from illness and from death. 

Prehistoric ceramic workshop
What if you travelled in time and went back thousands of years? There were no shops and people had to do everything on their own.  Will you be able to make pots for preparing meals or clay toys for entertainment? Don’t worry, we will teach you!

Dinosaurs and the Prehistory
Even though archaeologists do not search for dinosaurs many people think that they do. But, if you like dinosaurs so much we will take you back to the world of many thousands years ago. You will learn about the first life on the earth, look in to the t-rex eyes and eventually shake hand with the first humans.