The idea of loan of the obelisk of Ramesses II from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin to the Poznań Archaeological Museum was developed by the directors of both institutions, professors Dietrich Wildung and Lech Krzyżaniak. Friends since many years, cooperating in research of Egypt and the Sudan, they decided to add this unique object to the exhibition “Death and Life in Ancient Egypt”, installed in Poznań several years earlier. Not too many obelisks have been preserved till modern times, and those in the museums are quite rare. And very few of them changed their location during the last century… The directors of both museums did not wait until Poland enters the European Union, but believed justly that there are no borders for friendship and science. The only problem posed was whether the obelisk would suit the space where it was intended to be placed: the courtyard of the Renaissance palace of the Górka family, seat of the Archaeological Museum. The future answered this question. The courtyard with the obelisk became one of the Poznań magical places.