9 October 2015 – 24 March 2016 r.

Curators: mgr Agnieszka Krzyżaniak, mgr Sabina Hryniewiecka

The exhibition “Everyday life in prehistoric Macedonia” features, for the first time in Poland, prehistoric artefacts from the area of northern Greece.

The exhibits on show from the 9th October 2015 are loans from the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. They include 251 remarkable objects dating to different periods (from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age). Jewellery, vessels, tools, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines, as well as other artefacts record different aspects of Macedonian distant past, reflecting the rich, although hardly known world of people living in this part of the Balkan Peninsula long before Alexander the Great.

The exhibition is adapted to the needs of people with sight and hearing disabilities. It has touchable replicas of artefacts, captions in Braille, and tablets with special descriptions in Polish Sign Language.

The visitors are also invited to explore a poster exhibition „Greece in all her colours”, which is displayed in the Museum courtyard. In the light of lanterns, in white and blue of Greek architecture, everyone can feel the atmosphere of Greek holidays bathed in wine and seasoned with olive oil.