In September, we invite you to the exhibition entitled “In the Middle Ages by the river”. It presents various aspects of medieval people’s lives, focused in large part in the vicinity of water – rivers, springs and lakes.

People always settled willingly near rivers and lakes, which provided favourable conditions for life. Water was essential for drinking both for human beings and animals, and it was used in all the agricultural activities. Rivers and lakes were the sources of easily accessible food, such as fish and waterfowl. In addition, they facilitated communication between neighbouring settlements or even more remote territories.

The artefacts on display are associated with activities that took place by the water, including washing, fishing, or transport. Some of these items have changed little over centuries, while others are more mysterious to us. All of them, however, are the records of everlasting relationship between rivers and people.


When: 1 September – 31 October 2015

Curators: mgr Magdalena Poklewska-Koziełł, mgr Magdalena Sprenger