Project title: ArchTerra. Extending the European Archaeology Web over Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. Research and technology development

Project manager for the Museum: dr Andrzej Prinke

Project duration: 1999-2000

Project funding: INCO-COPERNICUS

Objectives: decreasing the gap in network accessibility in Europe by archaeologists from central and eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Poland and Romania) through: (a) providing computer equipment and software and creating the Web infrastructure, (b) technological knowledge transfer, (c) creating new input on archaeological sources and results of their studies in the form of Internet publications (databases and virtual exhibitions) and preparing tools for input management, (d) making the results widely accessible through participation in international congresses and publications – both traditional and electronic on the Internet

Results: (a) initiating or expanding the existing local networks (LAN) in the institutions of the three central European partners, (b) initiating or improving their Internet connections to facilitate access to the planned domestic ArchWEB nodes, ie websites devoted to archaeology in a given country, (c) creating portable systems for creation, presentation and spreading of the project’s digital products by providing each partner with  equipment including a portable computer, multifunctional scanners, digital photographic camera, multimedia projector etc, (d) guaranteeing the permanent presence of the ArchTerra project and its products on the Internet. Following the realisation of the project, the Museum obtained considerable equipment (portable digitalisation kit, data server LAN and web server WWW) and generous technical assistance necessary for introducing the technologies,  novel at the time and consequently little known.