Project title: At the sources of the archaeology of Wielkopolska – creating a digital archive

Project manager: mgr Barbara Kirschke

Project duration: 2009

Project funding: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under Priority 4 (“Creation of cultural heritage digital collection”)

Objectives: the Poznań Archaeological Museum houses collections assembled by various archaeological institutions for over 150 years. The oldest and very valuable part is the collection of prehistoric artefacts of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences founded in 1857. The aim of the project was digitisation of documentation on these artefacts, followed by the creation of  digital archives.

Methods: digitisation  (scanning) of archival documents and making them available in the Internet

Results: archival documentation digitised under the project contains 6460 scans of inventories and  index cards of artefacts, and 6836 records inserted in the Museum’s database (MuzArp)