Project manager: mgr Urszula Narożna-Szamałek

Project duration: 2010

Project funding: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poznań Archaeological Museum

Objectives: digital photographs of the most valuable prehistoric artefacts kept in the Poznań Archaeological Museum. The objects chosen for digitisation include mostly those presented at the permanent exhibition “Prehistory of Wielkopolska”. The aim of the project was the production of digital photos and 3D films. Its realisation resulted in a  multimedia catalogue of unique exhibits which included top-grade artefacts, such as the famous Bytyń oxen, breastplate from Mrowin, face-shaped cinerary urn from Rzadkowo, terra sigillata from Wymysłowo, and numerous jewellery pieces

Results: 3D films about the selected, most precious artefacts  from the Musuem are accessible on the Museum’s website.  Also, a multimedia catalogue of the “Prehistory of Wielkopolska” exhibition was  released. In addition, the digital documentation produced under the project was made accessible in multimedia kiosks installed at the exhibition dedicated to the prehistory of the region.

Digitised artefacts expand the Museum’s multimedia collection and can be used for scientific work, exhibitions and education. By facilitating the development of new projects, e.g. virtual exhibitions  and organisation of  exhibitions for schools and  academic institutions,  they increase the institution’s promotional potential.