Project manager: mgr Patrycja Silska

Project duration: 2012

Project funding: funds granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the agreement no.200/12/FPK/NID; priority: Protection of Archaeological Artefacts;  task titled “Early Bronze age fortified settlement at Bruszczewo. Excavations 1964-1968”

Project objectives:  the study and publication of the results of research carried out in the 60s of the 20th century at the Early Bronze Age fortified settlement of Bruszczewo (in the Wielkopolska region) 

Research history: excavations at Bruszczewo, site 5, began in 1964 under the direction of Zbigniew Pieczyński from the Archaeological Muzeum in Poznań. The five following excavation seasons provided a significant body of archaeological evidence on this Early Bronze Age fortified settlement, including over two hundred features and thousands of finds (bronzes, pottery, clay artefacts, stone and flint implements, as well bone and antler material). The research results had not been fully published then, and after the death of Zbigniew Pieczyński the documentation was partially dispersed. The funds granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage have allowed for re-examining the previous findings and to present the results of new studies in a comprehensive publication

Methods: the study of field documentation;  analyses including: pottery, archaeomalacological and archaeobotanical material, stone and flint artefacts, as well as bone finds; investigating impressions of fabrics on pottery

Results: the publication concerning the research at Bruszczewo, site 5, carried out in the years 1964-1968, including the multidisciplinary analyses of the material recorded at the site

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