Project manager: dr Andrzej Prinke

Project duration: 2004-2007

Objectives: (a) promotion of training courses, workshops and seminars; (b) aerial and field reconnaissance  of endangered sites and landscapes; (c) interpretation of aerial photographs and mapping of selected cultural landscapes; (d) innovative archaeological reconnaissance drawing on aerial and satellite photography and laser scanning; (e) searching for hitherto unused aerial photographs from the 2nd World War, their analysis and making them accessible on the Internet; (f) cooperation on the Internet and trans-European exchange of knowledge and skills; (g) establishing the European Centre of Aerial Photography for Archaeology; (h) spreading the subject of the project on the Web, TV, radio, films and exhibitions; (i) students exchange, teleconferences, etc via the Internet

Results: (a) a large collection of orthophotomaps of Wielkopolska from the 40s of the 20th cent., (b) designing and initiating aerial photography database for archaeology (APh_Max), (c) aerial archaeological reconnaissance and mapping of the results, (d) participation in trans-European meetings and discussions, increasing the public awareness of the problems and results of the project.