Project manager: mgr Agnieszka Krzyżaniak

Project duration: 2011-2012

Project funding: co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operating Project for Wielkopolska for the years 2007-2013

Objectives: promotion of the region and its most attractive features, including the Poznań Archaeological Museum. Levelling the disparity in accessibility of museum-based education and creating opportunities to learn about historical and archaeological heritage of Wielkopolska. An attempt at developing sensitivity to the surrounding cultural and historical heritage, particularly among the youngest public.

Methods: mobile exhibitions for schools, lent out for 7 days. The two sets included chests filled with careful copies of artefacts – eg chain mails or swords, interactive board games, puzzles and  building blocks. Humorous cartoon guides  were added to facilitate the understanding of the chests’ contents, and the box on the history of Wielkopolska contained a fictionalised, richly illustrated story about the travels ofPoznań’s billy goat. Teachers were provided with ready class scenarios

Results: 50 exhibitions in primary and junior secondary schools were organised