1 September -31 August 2016

Exhibition curator: Magdalena Poklewska-Koziełł

Place: The Górka Palace, ul. Wodna 27, 1st floor

Weapons discovered in archaeological contexts are the main sources of knowledge about the art of war in the distant past. The most interesting finds of this category include deposits buried in rich graves containing the warrior’s equipment or very items unearthed in the old battlefields.

The current exhibition displays various kinds of weapons – dating from the Stone Age, through the Bronze and Iron Ages, to the Medieval Period – from the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Poznań. They give the visitor an insight into the changes in weaponry which were taking place over the millennia. Despite multiple transformations regarding the material, mode of production and use of weapons, one thing remained the same: the warrior’s intention to gain fame by making an accurate shot or giving a powerful blow to the enemy.