20 May – August 2017

Exhibition curator: Andrzej Ćwiek

Place: Archaeological Museum in Poznań, ul. Wodna 27, 61-781 Poznań

Our new temporary exhibition, which opens on the Night of Museums, tells a story about the discoveries made by Polish archaeologists during the last 20 years in Saqqara.

Located about 30 km south of Cairo, Saqqara is an ancient necropolis dedicated to rulers and dignitaries from nearby Memphis, one of the capitals of ancient Egypt. The most famous structure among many archaeological features located in Sakkara is the oldest pyramid on the Nile – Djoser’s step pyramid built around 2650 BC. Professor Karol Myśliwiec has been in charge of the mission of Polish archaeologists conducting excavations near this pyramid for the last 20 years. The first geophysical surveys were conducted by the Poles in 1987. Later, for nearly 10 years, sufficient funds were collected to return to Sakkara. Since 1996, investigations at this site have been carried out by a team of Polish archeologists every year.

Poles have made many important discoveries at the necropolis, including rock-cut tombs of high-rank pharaoh dignitaries. Among the valuable finds are the tomb of Merefnebef (discovered in 1997) and the priest Ni-anch-Nefertum (2003), richly decorated with polychromatic reliefs.

Egyptologists have also found hundreds of mummies, some of them in beautifully decorated cartonnages – plaster coatings covered with paintings of a religious character. They also explored burial chambers, with unique coffins made of reed. In 2010, the researchers identified quarries in which limestone was procured for the construction of the nearby Pyramid of Djoser.

The exhibition features the history of research and illustrates the most interesting facts with numerous photographs and with artefacts discovered at the necropolis.

In addition, educators of the Archaeological Museum in Poznań have prepared attractions for the youngest. One of the exhibition halls is available to our guests: reconstructed costumes, Egyptian hairstyles and many more attractions can be tested my every visitor.